New Publication about Aagaaz’s Work!

Akhila and Devika have written a new article about their work with Aagaaz, looking at the varied possibilities of conducting process drama workshops for young children in the online medium. It is based on Sparks and Spooks, a workshop for 5–7 year olds, conducted by them in October 2020.

The article has been published by Teacher Plus. For those who have membership to their platform, the article can be found in their July 2021 issue here.

It can also be accessed publicly (and shared) on this link.

An older (shorter) version of the same article was published on this blog in October 2020 and can be found here.

Akhila is an applied theatre practitioner from Delhi. With a passion for playing a game whenever possible, she designs and facilitates theatre-based interventions for corporates, government bodies, non-profits, schools and universities in India and the U.S. Akhila’s practice — which she blogs about like a mad person — stems from her training in the Theatre of the Oppressed methodology.

Devika is an arts practitioner, educator and facilitator, living in Delhi. She works with children and young people in community and education settings, with the intention of exploring, understanding and creating compassionate spaces. She is interested in understanding how arts pedagogy can be used in diverse spaces to facilitate a better awareness of self, leading to more deliberate and conscious action.



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