Miles apart…Yet, connected for a cause. It’s just the beginning- Aagaaz!

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2 min readMar 8, 2021

What started a casual conversation, years ago, has become a very integral part of family now. Let me rewind a few years back-

Location: Dehradun. Event: Workshop for Senior Doctors on Leadership and Teamwork.

As an HR Coordinator, I got an opportunity to work with Sanyukta, who was spearheading this workshop and I got to know about Aagaaz. It stayed with me even after I left the Indian Sub-Continent. Somewhere at the back of my mind, I kept on thinking if I could have joined this exciting adventure in some role or the other-Gurgaon to Nizamuddin was doable for me but I felt like I had missed the bus after relocating to Chicago…Over the years, I kept on reading about the accomplishments of Aagaaz through Social media updates. Wonderful Initiatives!

And then the pandemic happened.

We had just moved to Arizona and suddenly, everyone and everything came to a standstill but Aagaaz kept its journey alive. Online JAMS with Akhila and Music/Theatre Sessions with Subhadra became Breakfast/ Primetime topics at our Family Dinner Table. My young daughter suddenly developed this deep interest in creating online games for her weekly JAMS — my husband and I were supposed to do Demos till a game was created and it finally came to life- to roll into action for the final workshop with Smrithi and Rochan. Pots, Pans and spoons were creating music. Saturday Late Nights in Phoenix desert land suddenly became more active with a theatrical/musical buzz in the house. It’s been a great journey so far and Aagaaz is spreading its roots/footprint. There is no age gender location bar!

Over the years, Aagaaz has conducted workshops with kids/teens/adults of all strata of society in various formats and have a team of experts joining every month in various capacities. My family and friends are contributing in whatever way they can…join the bandwagon and get ready for this ride of a lifetime! The Pandemic has got us all together one more time and taught us the value of being there for one another holistically. Honoured to be a part of this noble and honest journey- for myself and for the others.

Tina has dabbled in a variety of jobs over the past two decades of her professional life. She started out as a physician in a government hospital in Delhi, and now works at an IT Company in Arizona. She is also an avid movie buff, and loves exploring different cuisines in the kitchen.

Illustrations by Jasmine



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