“Is it too late to say I AM NOT SORRY?!”

  1. my net is slow
  2. my dog is barking
  3. I need to get the door
  4. l need to make dinner
  5. my microphone isn’t working
  6. my headphone wires are entangled
  7. I can’t figure out the zoom features
  8. my partner just walked in
  9. the traffic outside is loud
  10. electricity issues! Sorry my face is not better lit!
  11. I need to drink water
  12. I need to go to the bathroom
  13. I got an urgent call in the middle
  14. my fan is too fast
  15. there is construction happening outside
  16. my stomach is grumbling
  17. I will need to eat during the session
  18. I am too energetic right now
  19. I am too sensitive right now
  20. I am too tired and exhausted right now
  21. my cats are being talkative
  22. the sun is shifting bringing a shadow to my face
  23. I am late I was on a call
  24. I am early I was in the Waiting Room
  25. for the posters in my background
  26. I am taking time to type
  27. I can’t hear you. Everyone is talking at the same time
  28. for talking too much
  29. for not talking enough



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Aagaaz Theatre Trust

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